Wednesday, April 19, 2017


AJ and I like walking Anana to Petsmart. It's just a few blocks away, she gets some exercise, gets to come inside, and usually gets a treat too! We like to go by the cats up for adoption too and see their reactions to Anana. (We also fell in love with one and almost adopted it but then saw it was declawed, so we couldn't make it work) and there was an orange kitty that was highly offended by Anana lololol and this kitty that was sleeping in the litter box! I don't know why but I thought that was cute.

I love this picture my mom sent me of her cat Tommen in my old flower box, it's like it's growing cats instead!

Last night I was just out of the shower and Khaleesi was outside the bathroom door meowing and meowing. I let her in and picked her up and put her on the counter so I could pet her while I brushed my hair, and then she curled up in the sink! I just loved it! I've never had a cat do that (that I've seen) and I always wanted one that did!

Supposed today is National Cat Lady Day. I'm not sure how many national days there are or who comes up with them, but this certainly was timely.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Hoppy Easter

That "hoppy" has more than one innuendo from this weekend...! AJ went to San Francisco for the weekend, so my weekend started on Friday with the place to myself! Anana was already picked up for the weekend though, so it was just me and the kitty and it was basically getting the living room TV to myself, gouging myself on chocolate from my Easter basket from AJ's mom and going to bed early. Wild.

On Saturday I went down to the Mission Valley Craft Brew Festival in San Diego to meet up with Marisa and her friends, coming from Riverside, to celebrate Marisa's birthday. It was all free beer and free food and a pretty warm day!

After that, I went to Pam & Doug's and we ordered in, had grapefruit martinis, watched Rogue One and then an endless parade of Saturday Night Lives. It was amazing.

On Sunday morning I went for a run and then came back to have coffee on their deck and watch the planes fly in, and then we relaxed around the house and then headed to Doug's parents' place for their big Easter celebration.

It was a fun time, lots of mojitos, and our egg hunt! They give us each half an egg carton to find 6 eggs each. The best part is that, every year, Debbie puts some eggs in the bottom of the pool, and this time, Fern went for those first, so he set his egg carton down and then Pam's dog Monty grabbed it and was running around with the egg carton, which looked like she was hunting for eggs too. It was soooo cute!

We had a wonderful dinner that had me uncomfortably full by the end, and we got to leave with beautiful, elaborate "adult" Easter baskets, with sangria and wine glasses and chocolate! Soooo cute!

My drive home was pretty rough, even leaving at 8pm, so much traffic, I was full, sleepy and getting annoyed but I had the S-Town podcast to listen to. I don't really "get" this podcast and don't think it's that great, but at least it was something to keep my attention for over 2 hours!

Friday, April 14, 2017

Mental Health Day

I had a mental health day on Wednesday, and boy did I use it right. I only made the mistake of checking work email once... which sent me back into the spiral of why I needed the mental health day in the first place. Ha. I didn't do work, not even around the house, because I just needed a day of nothing. So I slept, read, had coffee, watched Friends, and then got to take Banana to the beach before going back home and changing for the gym, then meeting AJ's family for dinner.

Happy Anana, happy to see me. Annoyed Khaleesi, annoyed
I came home lololol
Can you tell Anana isn't always entertained by my needs for photo shoots?? Lulz.

It was such a perfect day, it's what I imagine being a trophy wife must be like... you know when you don't have to work and just get to do whatever and don't have kids to be chasing around. Lulz. Man, if only!

Monday, April 10, 2017

The Masters Weekend

This was a weird weekend for sports but somehow that happened. On Friday a bunch of a us met up at Dave & Buster's, the plan was to watch Russell Westbrook break that triple double record (which he didn't even do! Hahahahaha) so there was D&B on Friday night (no one would DDR with me but we did get some MarioKart in!)

I had a glorious Saturday when I got to sleep in and finish watching Big Little Lies over coffee. We had a lazy day, and in the evening, AJ and I took Anana down to Huntington Beach. We walked her on the shore and then we went to BJ's on the patio and had coffee and a mini pizzuki. It was a nice evening and we really don't go to the beach enough...

On Sunday our friends were hosting everyone over to watch the Masters. I was actually content to sit inside and watch the Masters (weird). They had tons of food and snacks and a putting green that I was happily playing with, but man yesterday turned wild. Crazy flip cup, baseball (the beer game), beer pong, ping pong, then games golf chipping the ping pong ball into the beer cups, crazy wrestling, pool, spa... the works.

And pretty much the whole time I was just chilling sober, tweaking out on my sugar rush, playing with the baby, and putting.

After Sergio won the Masters (yay!) I found a channel that had Home Alone 2, and then Mrs. Doubtfire on. Classics... and then at the end of the night, me and the hostess found Problem Child 2 on HBO and watched it til the end and it was SOOOOO SATISFYING. You know how some movies from your childhood you love and then when you watch you're like omg that was painful why did I like that?? That was so nottttt the case with this one - it was still just as amazing and stupid in a great way and we lovedddd it! Since I was intent on finishing the movie, AJ and I didn't leave until about 10:30, so we weren't home until about 11 and I wasn't in bed until about midnight waaaaaaah but the great news is that AJ and I are getting massages today after work so I am using that to help me get through my Monday!

Friday, April 7, 2017

Khaleesi vs. Tree Round 2

Last time Khaleesi got stuck in a tree, the tree won. This time, I think maybe Khaleesi won? (Or at least I did).

After working out, I went home and AJ and I were making dinner together. We almost always leave our back door open and have our backyard lights on outside, so it's nice. At some point I heard Khaleesi meowing (she usually only meows if spoken to first) and I couldn't see her anywhere, but she kept responding every time I called her, and that's how I know it's trouble. Anyway, following her meows I found her, once again, up in a tree! Damn cat just doesn't learn!

It wasn't too high up, but it was enough to freak her out and at a weird angle that she couldn't easily get back down to the fence from (which was probably how she got up there in the first place). So I tell AJ we need to rescue a kitty from the tree, thinking he's going to need to do most of the labor, but by the time he had shoes on and was outside, I was already making my way up. Plus, it was all weird and difficult, so I had to step on AJ's back to get up the fence and then hold onto the tree and Khaleesi did come and let me get her, but her instincts had her clawing at the tree, curling around the branches and not wanting to not be secured somewhere, so most of the time rescuing her was spent unhooking her claws from the tree just to have it latch back on once I freed it lololol. Then I handed her to AJ who put her down and then I had to climb back down on AJ to get down and accidentally sat on his head lololol oops.

Anana was excitedly watching all of this and then chased Khaleesi back into the house once she was grounded again. I wish she was more shepherd and would have that tendency to corral Khaleesi haha.

Hoping that cat stays out of trees for the foreseeable future! I may not be able to rescue her next time!

Thursday, April 6, 2017

The Girls

Just checking in to say our girls are super precious. Here's Banana in the morning after she'd fed, been outside, and watches me get ready and make lunches...

She LOVES to be able to sit somewhere where
she can prop one paw up!

and here's a midday snapshot of our place via Petcube... can you find Khaleesi??

That's all!

Wednesday, April 5, 2017


I've been noticing that I'm either getting old, or lazy, or both, and feel like I haven't "done much" lately, so AJ and I fixed that right up by signing up for volleyball with the city's rec classes. I was veryyyyy nervous, only because I had no idea who/what kind of people would attend this whole thing. Actually, first I went on to register and there were only 6 people signed up and I thought that's going to be super awkward and weird and I'll wait to see if more people sign up. I told AJ and he said who cares, just sign us up, with us it will be 8 people we can play rounds of 2's and 4's. So I did.

Yesterday was the first one and ittttt wassssss awesomeeeee! We had soooo much fun! First of all, there were like 25-30 people there (???), a lot of people who knew each other and were regulars, so it seemed they just showed up without paying or paid through different means?? but whatever! Everyone was at least a decent skill level so there were good rallies and fun teams and it was basically just an open gym with nonstop volleyball for 2 hours.

AJ was the best one there of course, because there aren't sports that exist that AJ isn't the best at. If you think I'm bragging, I'm really not, it's actually obnoxious lololol. Inbetween games I was trying to have AJ help me with my overhand serve and people kept going up to him asking how long he played for, did he play in college, does he still play, blah blah blah and I'm just sitting over there on the other side of the court alone waiting for them to leave lulzzzzz.

Anyway it was suuuuuuper fun and we were exhausted by the end of it and I'm soooo looking forward to continuing!