Monday, August 7, 2017

Vegas Girls Trip

It's pretty hard for Vegas to not be fun, and I'm usually with a gender-mixed which doesn't matter much, but there's really nothing quite like an all-girls trip due to all the perks and freebies!

Somehow, my closest coworkers and I (a sisterhood bonded by the nature of working in this department) pulled off a weekend in Vegas together. It was a new experience for me too because it was a more off-the-strip experience, which I never really had! We stayed in a hotel off of the strip and did a night out in the old downtown on Fremont Street, which was so much fun and such an experience!

Well, I'll back up. We all took Friday off, congregated in the morning for morning shots and carpooling, and drove out to Vegas together, getting there in the early evening. We passed those painted rock things on the way in although we didn't stop for a picture with them or anything...

We did that night on Fremont and even though we tried a few different places, we were all very happy with our first choice at a place called Inspire with a rooftop dance floor. It actually ended up raining and it was still warm so everyone just kept dancing in the rain and it was fantastic and fun!

We had one thing on our mind for Saturday: FIND A POOL. We didn't really care about pool parties or anything, but we did find a perfect situation for the pool at the Linq and we ended up having THE best time ever! It was probably my favorite memory from the trip!

Also, while we found 4 perfectly great lounge chairs all together, near the pool and under a mister, it was really taken to the next level when the bartender upgraded us to a poolside bed just for the hell of it!

One of our big Costco purchases was a huge
box of a variety of flaming hot chips, which
we refused to go to the pool without, and
all I wanted in life. It was a great day

After the pool we ate, went back and took power naps, and then got ready to untz the night away. Since no one had ever been to Marquee at the Cosmopolitan, and it was one of the newer ones on the block, we decided to start there. We were getting right in until we found out that one girl's license was expired and they needed more proof of her date of birth. That's how we ended up in our clubbing dresses in the FedEx office of the Cosmopolitan printing out documents.

We had a grand old time, I also liked the outdoor space of Marquee, but in the end we decided we were mostly down for walking the strip and finding something less clubby that was just playing some good ol' classic top 40 music. That's how we ended up in Double Barrel

Not a bad time! We also hit up Taco Bell Cantina (that was definitely an experience) before going back to the hotel to feast on our food, chug water, and get to bed. We hit the road the next day around 10ish and I didn't get home until almost 5. Sheesh! We did stop for bathroom breaks, ice cream and lunch, but still.

It was such a great trip with such a fun group that is pretty spread out and we were all so excited and surprised that we were able to pull it all off! Oh, and shout out to Charles, our favorite Lyft driver ever!

When I got home I unpacked, took a shower, put a face mask on, went to the living room, put on The Office and immediately fell asleep. After a restful power nap, AJ and I watched the newest Game of Thrones episode. Sooooo sick!

I also just came back from a lunchtime yoga class here at UC Irvine and feeling super zen and rested... Namaste!

Monday, July 31, 2017

LA Day

AJ and I planned an LA day, and by that I mean I told him to set aside Saturday so that we could go to LA and do a bunch of things I've wanted to do. The main thing that prompted it was that I wanted to go to the Brickyard Pub in North Hollywood to get Yuengling beer, apparently they're the only place that sells it in LA (and entirely west of the Mississippi as far as I can tell) but turns out they don't even sell it anymore! So crushing... but at least we found out before we drove up there!

We dropped Anana off with his mom and then headed up to visit The Last Bookstore in downtown Los Angeles. Downtown Los Angeles was nasty. Every corner smelled like urine and there were tons of dogs. I still don't understand why people like Los Angeles but whatever I guess.

The Last Bookstore was a little underwhelming, but still pretty cool to see. I had seen some of it from friends' pictures before and really wanted to visit, but aside from the few cool displays, it was still just a bookstore with a few cool flares, and it did have an art gallery upstairs which was neat too.

We went to a nearby bar afterwards for beer and to watch some of the Barcelona/Madrid soccer game being shown and made friends with our Colombian bartender. Then, we headed to West Hollywood for sushi before we went to a Groundlings show. It was so much fun! I haven't been to the Groundlings in too long, although the show we went to was mostly scripted and not much improv, so I was a little sad about that, but it was still fun.

After that, we did a drive by of the LACMA and did a little walk around and a quick photo shoot before heading back.

We had to stop by AJ's mom's to pick up Anana, but in the end we just crashed at her place cause why not? In the morning, AJ's mom was on the ground playing with dog Pippa, which made Anana jealous, so Anana kept fighting for her attention and trying to hold her hand hahaha so sweet! Even though it was because she was jealous...

Originally we had planned to go that evening to a friends' house to watch Game of Thrones but we ended up being too tired from it all to do that, so I took a picture of us watching Game of Thrones to text to our friends so we could feel like we were all doing it together!

And I finally took a video of Anana eating mini carrots, one of her favorite snacks. I love watching her eat and hearing her little crunches!

Okay, off to a lunchtime yoga class in the park at work now...

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Cuddle Puddle

Last week I was mostly on my death bed, with what I thought was food poisoning but who knows anymore, I still feel like I'm not fully recovered, and it started with me spending all last Tuesday night throwing up and hallucinating and having painful aches and chills.

Anyways, on a following day that I had off from work, I caught this photo on the Petcube, which is extra special because Banana is so NOT a cuddler, but she still laid with me for awhile on the couch like this.

We are those horrible people who let their animals everywhere. I can't help it!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Floaty Dreams

My dreams came true last weekend when I had a perfect Saturday, complete with one-on-one brunch time with a friend, Sex and the City, BBQ with our men, drunk Jeopardy, and, the best: POOL FLOATYS!!! Yes, I am a basic bitch. Deal with it.

Anana behind her lolololol

She wouldn't let her mom
have the ice cream back

In other news, Game of Thrones officially restarted and it was siiiiiick! We had a feast at our friend's house and I definitely showed up in my pseudo Kings Landing handmaiden dress...

The episode was awesomeeee! Some people were hating on it but I enjoyed it. Countdown's on until next Sunday again already...

Friday, July 14, 2017

Animals and Hot Dogs

I'm obsessed with the girls (Khaleesi and Anana), don't mind me. I may need to rebrand this blog as a pet site, but anyways, until then, I'll just keep going. I loved this picture of Anana chilling and Khaleesi doing her little catwalk on the fence.

Yesterday, as soon as I got home, AJ told me that Anana had just chased a raccoon up into the tree and that it might even still be there. I went out and sure enough, there it was.

The poor thing was just trapped up there, a little paw wrapped around a branch, and just staring down, unsure what to do and too scared to do anything. It was soooo cute!! On the one hand I was really proud of Anana for guarding our home (I worry about raccoons being too aggressive with Khaleesi who is usually outside) but on the other hand, the poor raccoon was just so terrified and I only wanted it to make it's way home! I'm sure it did, but not until late at night when we could convince Anana to come away from stalking it!

Also, I've seen (and really enjoyed) this hot dog craze going around, although I didn't know what it was from, and once I learned it was on Snapchat I really struggled to figure it out (I really hate Snapchat and do not understand it at all #old) but once I did, I've been all over it lolololol!

Lastly, for my birthday, my really great friend/coworker gifted me with a month pass of unlimited yoga for a studio right across the street from work. I was saving it until I was done with crossfit so I could really take advantage of all of the yoga, and yesterday was the first day! I reallyyyyyy enjoyed it and learned how much I had been missing yoga! I'm even a little sad because I doubt I will be able to continue going to this studio once my free month is over, it's pretty expensive womp womp. But, going again tonight after work and really looking forward to it, aaaand Game of Thrones season premier on Sunday!!!!!

Monday, July 10, 2017

Le Girls Weekend

I had a really busy weekend these past few days, and mainly hung out with girlfriends. Although Friday night AJ and I went to Downtown Disney to do dinner with some cousins at Rainforest Cafe, which was so cute because their 9 month old daughter was mesmerized by all the animatronics and everything, it was sweet.

On Saturday I did a lot of work around the house and then we had a crazy planned girls night since a few of their husbands were out of town. I hadn't been out clubbing like that in a long time, and by clubbing I mean we went to Pacific Beach and just went to a rooftop beachside bar.

Afterwards, we split up in our Ubers and had one car go to Del Taco for food and the other go to liquor store for more alcohol and then we played an insane dance game at my friend's place. I'm still in 2005 where DDR requires a pad that you step on, while my friends are in 2017 with some consoles that need nothing and you just follow the TV and it can sense you and judge you on the moves and show your silhouette and stuff. I was entranced.

On Sunday I had to get up early-ish following that night and drive out to Riverside. My friend Marisa and I went to see her niece perform in a children's theatre performance of Mulan, and her niece was even the title character. It was a little painful, even for children's theatre, but still cute, and I love Mulan so I was able to make it through.

I didn't get home until the late evening but took a power nap and then was up until well past midnight. (That's a big deal for me). AJ took this picture of Anana waiting for me to come home when she heard my car pull into the driveway.

I can't be that sad that it's Monday because I really want to get through this week already so we can watch the Game of Thrones season premier this upcoming Sunday!!! #stoked