Monday, January 7, 2019

Pure Vibes

Even though I'm still going slightly nuts that we're not settled into our place (it's never taken me this long to settle in before!) we're making good progress and slowly getting settled in enough that at least I can relax and enjoy the place more. That being said, I can actually almost enjoy my weekends but, oddly, I have like nothing to do! This is such a weird feeling for me and honestly I don't do well with nothing to do, but after 2018, it feels amazing to just be able to really relax and enjoy downtime and have no big projects or anything weighing on me to get done!

It was a nice weekend to do nothing too considering the rain we got. On Friday we went to our 2nd Annual Kimchi Jjigae Dinner with our friends Iris and David. Om nom nom! SER GERD.

AJ went and played golf but I stayed inside, caught up on my Entourage watching, set up our room, drank coffee (out of my bridal shower mug from Kathleen, no less!) I meant to wait for AJ to drink out of ours together, but I couldn't resist, lulz.

On Sunday AJ's friend came over and we watched the football games, and worked on the house. AJ had a genius idea for displaying my Starbucks mugs and put that to good use yesterday! Peep below:

Then we went to Target to use some of those awesome gift cards from the wedding and continue to shape up the place! Also, we have a pet door and left the flap off for the longest time so that the pets got used to that being the entrance/exit. It's been really cold so we finally decided to put the flap back on. I have no idea how she got OUT there, but she's really struggling figuring out how to get back in (eyeroll!)

In the evening I made tea and went to bed to read but got distracted by our wedding book. Rob, our officiant, put down literally everything that was said into the book that he read from, then gifted it to us after he was done with it. I read AJ's vows and cried. I remember how meaningful they were at the time, but reading them when I wasn't up in front of a crowd getting married, I was able to process it a little bit better and was so moving. I sure feel supremely lucky...

Taking this nice good vibes into 2019 and running with it! (Is it possible that the Chargers could be SuperBowl bound this year???) Started with revamping this page for some freshness.

Friday, January 4, 2019

Le Honeymoon

We have accrued more pictures than we could ever know what to do with, but they will show the fabulous time on the honeymoon so much better than I could ever write it!

As an intro/recap: on Monday, December 10, AJ's best man drove us to LAX in the early afternoon. We were still recovering from everything and barely had time to pack - just throwing what we could into suitcases. We flew from LAX to SFO, then SFO to Auckland. Sadly, Air New Zealand did not care that it was our honeymoon and offer us any form of upgrades. Womp womp.

We spent our time in New Zealand being tourists: sightseeing, excursions, enjoying the city. Then we flew to Tahiti, where they DID care that it was our honeymoon and upgrade us and give us champagne and nuts. (Ahhh, the little things!). We took a ferry to our island, Mo'orea, and we did absolutely nothing for a whole week and it was glorious. The most energy we ever spent was renting a car and driving around the island (which only takes about an hour!). Otherwise we slept in, snorkeled, read, and napped. We came home on Wednesday, December 26th. Now enjoy the visuals!

On the way to LAX!

Being dropped off at LAX

Hello Kiwi LOL

In Auckland

In our tiny Airbnb

The terrifying walk to our Airbnb on the 11th floor

Watching the Charger game in Wellington

Timelapse on the Wellington Cable Car up the hill

Geothermal geysers

Yeah these obviously aren't in order

Vegemite. It's salty!!

View from our Airbnb haha

New Zealand Christmas Tree

Where the NZ All Blacks play


Looks like Koopa, no?

Big kitty!

I told AJ these lizards were on their
honeymoon too ;)

Pengie swimming!

Pengie hiding

Auckland Zoo was the best! All the animals
were so active and fun

Flying into Wellington

Flying out of Wellington

Auckland Sky Tower

Auckland skyline

Glowworm caves

Polynesian spa

Maori cultural presentation

Kiwi bird!

Just admiring my wedding set on Waiheke Island

I call this... The Wall of Wolfe Street

On our way to the glowworm caves in Waitomo

Watching the Charger game in Wellington

Being tourist in Auckland

Bilbo's house

The Party Tree

Enjoying our ale at the Green Dragon Inn

Doesn't this look like the default Microsoft background? Ha!

Waiheke Island!

Selfie with penguins!

Ferry from Waiheke Island back to Auckland
And then Tahiti...

Getting lei'd on arrival!

Out our bungalow deck

Aerial view of our resort

Polynesian fire dancers!

Around Mo'orea

Enjoying champs on our Air New Zealand flight

Our bungalow on arrival

Sunrise over Tahiti

I just loved that we were bungalow 111.
It felt very auspicious

Random island chickens

Resort's Christmas decor lololol

Boomerang of the dancers lololol

Another boomerang

Slowmo fire!

Me floating in the donut our bungalow neighbors
(from Irvine!!) left us

Ruins on the island

Belvedere lookout

This wasn't ours but with the K + A, we
claimed it

He looks annoyed ahhaha

Merry Christmas! This was our Christmas Day

Bungalow 111 !

Resort grounds

This is what every morning noon and night looked for me

I love the Polynesian statue in the water

Can you see that insanely large school of fish??

Slow mo fish frenzy!

Feeding them bread

It was hard to come home, although it was a long trip and I feel like we really did our honeymoon right! No complaints here. It was a once-in-a-lifetime trip and we had the time of our lives!