Monday, May 22, 2017

Life Duality

This weekend, like life, was a weird, confusing mush of celebration and mourning; of joy and grief.

On Friday I worked remotely and had a good day. I went to the doctor, I went shopping for a birthday present for a one year old's birthday party this upcoming weekend (and found gifts I wanted to keep for myself! Hashtag unicorns...), got a lot of work done at a Starbucks, and got to go visit Heather and Luca, who was finally awake for a substantial amount of time!

AJ and I were supposed to go camping with friends for Anana's 10th birthday, which was Saturday, and had been planning it for a longgggg time.

That morning, however, AJ got a call from his mother, that his aunt had called and was hysterical, and all she could make out was that an ambulance was at their house, where the aunt lives with AJ's grandma. Plans were ditched and AJ headed to his grandma's house, updating me that she was being taken to the hospital but was unresponsive. About an hour later the next text I got was "She's gone." And that was it.

I think the weirdest part was that our friends from San Diego were in town and I didn't know what to do. I wasn't about to tell them to leave (although they offered) but I was in shock and at that point there was nothing more to be done, and it was just... weird. AJ's grandma was getting up there in age (in her 80s) but she was more or less fine, and still played piano at jazz clubs a few nights a week. Just last week I stopped by and sat and talked with her for awhile and she was lamenting that AJ and I live "too far" from her (btw, we live probably a 7 minute drive haha). But she helped raise AJ, and he and his mom and sister lived with her for a few years after his parents divorced, then his mom bought the house across the street, and AJ spent his summers with his grandma and grandpa driving around the country in their motorhome and learned to play gin and other card games, and he was even living with her for the past few years. He is, very understandably, shocked and upset.

We actually were able to get a little bit of a distraction that Saturday afternoon though. AJ came home from the hospital, took a shower, and was wanting to take the dogs to the beach (our friends brought their dog to help celebrate Anana's birthday- haha!). Oh, and they brought her a birthday gift, which was this ice cream cone toy and Anana, being the brat she is, is extremely defensive over food and toys, and this is her protecting her toy and and growling at Montezuma if Montey even so much as looked at Anana!

She got over it when the toys were removed though.

So we went down to Huntington Beach and got lunch at BJ's on the patio and walked around the beach for a little. The weather was actually hot! So it was nice to be at the beach.

Afterwards, we hung out at our place in our backyard for a bit, and then Pam and Doug headed back to San Diego.

On Sunday, we had been invited to a brunch, but weren't sure if we were going to be up for it. At the last minute, AJ was up for it, so we headed to Laguna Beach for a nice bottomless mimosa brunch followed by champagne at the Skyloft rooftop. It was beautiful.

We went back to our friends place for a little bit, and then AJ and I went to his grandma's house to be with his mom and aunt and help with some arrangements. AJ cooked dinner too. It was hard, and it's been weird. Even I am still in shock and upset. It doesn't feel real, and it was eerie that she wasn't there. We felt like any minute she would just come walking out and go sit on her recliner like always. Everyone was struggling, it's been hard.

So, it's been quite a Monday. AJ is home today and I'm at work, struggling, because it's always hard to go back to work after such loss when your eyes have been opened to what really matters...

Thursday, May 18, 2017


Last night AJ dragged me to the Angels game. I say that because it was a kind of a work thing and I was sorta obligated to go, which made me drag my feet. Well it ended up being super fun (of course), not least of all because I got comfortably giggly drunk and the game was amazing - they were playing the Chicago White Sox and the final score was 12-8 (Angels)!!! Runs were being scored all over the place! We also had great seats so I got to cheer on mah boy Cameron Maybin!

We had great seats that really were this close!

Because of how long and sloppy the game was, we decided to leave at the top of the 8th since it was already passed 10pm by that point, but then as we were walking to our car, the White Sox started scoring (it was 11-4 when we were leaving) and so AJ made us duck back in to watch the rest of the inning. We sat behind this family and the baby was IN LOVE with AJ. She couldn't stop staring at him and waving at him and even blowing him kisses!

I was mentally done by this point and rediscovered Snapchat (something I open once every 4 months, take pictures of all the filters, and then never touch it again) and went to townnnn. That blowfish was cracking me UP and I was trying to change my picture in AJ's phone to that blowfish picture hahaha

I'm getting old. That was plenty for a Wednesday night!

Monday, May 15, 2017


Last year for one guy's bday, we went to all you can eat KBBQ followed by a session of karaoke nearby. It was such a freaking hit... that he re-created it again this year. on Saturday we went to some om-nom-nom KBBQ, and then way too long at Plush karaoke.

I sang every song I could get my hands on (everything from Moana to Dr. Dre) and yet my favorite part was Jon and his freaking tambourine. I don't think he sang a single song... he was just in his own world with the two tambourines, which some people thought was annoying but I thought was the funniest thing I had seen all night.

Here is a video of Jon, not doing anything but living in his own world, shaking the tambourine.

In the morning, his wife sent us this picture... the inside of his thigh were he was banging that thing all night long!

Yesterday AJ got a lot of work done on the yard and I did a lot of reading. It was a weird day and we ordered Indian food at 9:30pm. Happy Monday!

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Mother's Day 2017

Last night we celebrated Mother's Day, with AJ and I taking our moms out to the Angels game. Friday night sounded great in theory but man is it hard to doing anything on a Friday night after a busy week! I had to take a power nap, overslept, and felt groggy for a few hours.

We made the mistake of driving (as opposed to walking since AJ's mom lives close enough to do so) and got stuck in massive stadium traffic, but we were all able to pound a Bud Light before walking into the stadium (and getting cooler backpack handouts!) and watching the Angels destroy the Detroit Tigers 7-0, including two home runs and watching good ol' Cameron Maybin deliver, as always!

With AJ being the all time star Olympian athlete in everything growing up, him and his mom were both really into watching the game, whereas me and my mom were more into doing a photoshoot with her crappy little hand lololol sorry not sorry.

We didn't get back to AJ's mom's place until after 11pm, and I slept in a lottttt today! AJ is off golfing, I'm doing some studying/working, and tonight is some KBBQ and karaoke for a birthday celebration! Yay!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Hot Aunt Alert

Oh, and it's me.

Also, Luca is cute too ;)

But seriously, he's adorable and his facial expressions are always so funny and when he screws up his face like he's going to cry, he gets all red and wrinkly and looks like an old man.

We even got some eye contact yesterday! But only for like 5 minutes and then he fell asleep. What a bum! :P

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Cinco de Mayo

Yesterday was Cinco de Mayo. I don't really care. I'm getting over needing an excuse to drink, or needing to drink at every excuse, and really what else is Cinco de Mayo to most Caucasian Americans except that? But anyway, our friend decided to throw together a Cinco de Mayo party and IT. WAS. AWESOME!

She had great drinks served in cute little pottery cups, tacos, margaritas, La Loteria game (with jello shots!) and even a pinata filled with candy, alcohol shooters... and other stuff lololol.

AJ fell asleep and we tried to hide the pinatas head under a blanket where AJ was sleeping a la Godfather haha.

I also found a "Cone of Shame" from one of their games to put on Anana for a hot second haha (I was drunk, oops).

And lastly, our friends who moved to South Carolina had their first kid that night, a baby girl named Bryce, and we got to FaceTime with them and celebrate their Cinco de Mayo babayyyy!

And today is grandma's half birthday! She's officially 99 1/2! Wish her a happy half birthday today!