Monday, March 20, 2017

World Baseball Classic

Last weekend when we were in SD celebrating mine and Rafael's birthdays, AJ found out that quarterfinals (technically) of the World Baseball Classic were being held at Petco Park in San Diego. If you also have no idea what this is, don't worry! It's only been around since 2006 and it's essentially a baseball Olympics, and it was created because baseball was removed from the Olympics (although it's going to be back in Tokyo 2020 so they may get rid of this again anyway), so AJ bought tickets for us to come back down this past weekend and see USA take on the Dominican Republic.

IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!!!!! Petco Park was sold out (which trust me doesn't happen often) and DR is the best team (and won it undefeated last year, I think) and the vibe was great, everyone was so into it, and it was fun seeing all the American with all their different MLB teams rooting together for the USA. AND I came away with a new love: ADAM JONES!!!! That insane catch over the wall (if you saw it) I watched live in front of my eyes and was stokedddd. And in the end, USA (the UNDERDOG!) won 6-3!!! They're now facing in Japan in Los Angeles this week. It was a great game and really fun! Afterwards, there was a laser show, and then we all took the trolley back to Pam's place but hit up a whiskey bar.


This guy was as AMERICAN AS THEY
COME!! The front was a US flag as well
and don't forget to take in those COWBOY BOOTS!

Post-game laser show

Whiskey flight

In the morning we all went and brunch together and then came back to digest and watch some March Madness before AJ and I headed home. Good news for me was that my birthday present arrived! I had wanted to make this happen months ago, but it was too expensive to buy all those letters, so AJ bought them for me for my bday!

And of course, kute kitty was annoyed she didn't have the house to herself anymore.

Is this DST still messing with anyone else? I'm still having problems mobilizing and sleeping well since the time change. MAKE IT STOP! JUST KEEP SUMMER HOURS!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Welcome to 31!

Did you know that statistically, 31 is the best year in a woman's life? My coworker told me this (while she is comfortably 27! Psh!) but you know what, I'll take it! (Knock on wood) but things are great, and I know this is a stretch, but I literally feel physically better ever since turning 31. Whether it's in my head or not, I don't even care.

I had a fabulous birthday, and how could I not because I had like 4 days of celebrations. First of all, my friends in Orange County threw me a party, and what's the next best thing after not going to Vegas for the first time in 10 years? Why, Vegas coming to me of course! I couldn't believe how thoughtful and sweet the whole thing was... down to the hosts buying a blackjack table felt top and one of them even dressing up like a Vegas dealer! I had a signature drink that involved ice cream and friends everywhere.

AJ's sister and I chambonging

Somehow the cat got involved lololol

We said he looked like a MarioKart in the battle
where you have the three balloons hahaha

That weekend was San Diego with everyone who normally going to Vegas, and I was surprised with a Harbor Bay Cruise, and then we got pretty wild at Pam's apartment before we went out to my favorite place ever - Bar Basic! The next morning we did brunch and wandered around Liberty Station for my first time ever. Verdict - pretty sweet!

The garnish is supposed to be a ship with sails

Shot ski!

AJ and Debs chambonging

Diego looking for the cat!
(Rob always teases him haha)

See the squirrel on the rock right under Doug's nose?
They were out in full force and no fear!

Then, on my actual birthday on Tuesday, AJ and I took the day off of work and went to Glen Ivy Hot Springs for the day where my friend Alyse met us. It. Was. Fabulous! The weather was perfect and warm and lots of drinks and I got my first facial ever. The day flewwwwww by, seriously. I was woken up with texts and had nice messages all day long.

I love my birthday, and I even love the stupid messages and emails I get, even from the dentist's office (and yes that happened!) And my coworker ordered and delivered this huge, unbelievably beautiful bouquet to my house too (she and I love Mariah Carey and listen to it in the office if you couldn't tell from that note). I seriously think it may be the most beautiful bouquet I've ever seen.

Love seeing my birthday on screens!

And I got some really sweet gifts too. One coworker got me yoga classes (amazing!) and friends got me lots of alcohol, and Raf and Rob got me a Game of Thrones coloring book and the Atlas Obscura for obscure places to visit in the world (and trust me, obscure is right!) and I even got a portable bluetooth karaoke mic!!! Why have I not used that yet??? AJ's mom got me spa gift certificates and his sister got me some fabulous gourmet lavender hot cocoa and some perfume. AJ's gift for me hasn't come in yet (ugh) but as he pointed out, my birthday can be stretched out!

I love my birthday, it's always so sad when it's over, but considering I'm now in the best year of my life, I suppose I should embrace it and get the most out of this lolololol!